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DAVISON, H. P., Chairman,
Red Cross War Council.

Feb. 21, 1918.

Says that Brig. Gen. William V. Judson, who has just returned from
Petrograd, is of the opinion that to have Raymond Robins (whose work in Russia
he commends most highly) leave there at this time for a conference in Paris,
would have a most unfortunate effect upon Russian Goverment officials, who
would attribute his leaving to a lack of sympathy on the part of the United States;
that he has conferred with Counselor Polk of the State Dept, who shares this
view, and therefore, he is not cabling Robins as he contemplated doing.

Should the President have a different opinion, or should conditions so
develop that he deems it wise to have Robins leave, he asks that he be promptly
advised so that action may be taken.

See 270 - A.


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