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Rev. William Fetler,
President, Russian Bible & Educational
Philadelphia, Pa.,

States that on June 24th to 28th the first
general conference in the interest of helping
Russia spiritually and educationally is to be
held in the Moody Tabernacle, Chicago. Has
established in Philadelphia a Russian Bible
Institute for training Russian men and women
so as to prepare them for missionary work in
their native land.

On Monday, June 10th, he expects to take
50 of these young missionaries to Chicago, via
Washington. States it would give great joy
and inspiration to and make a lasting impression
upon this first group of Russian missionaries
expecting to return to their native land as soon
as circumstances will permit, if they could have
the great privilege of meeting the President.
He would like to have the students sing to the
President a few Russian hymns. Adds that the
Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman and Rev. John Henry Jowett
have been two of his warmest supporters in his
efforts to help the Russian people since he has
been in this country.


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