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Hon. Woodrow Wilson--3 June 6, 1898

Knowing of your great interest in Russia, and
of the very helpful words you have again and again ad-
dressed to the Russian people, it would give great joy
and inspiration to and make a lasting impression upon
this first group of Russian missionaries expecting to
return to their native land as soon as circumstances
will permit, if they could have the great privilege of
meeting the President of this liberty-loving and hospit-
able country whither they came for gold and have found
God. Many of them have been reclaimed from drunkenness,
and other sins, and have now become most exemplary Chris-
tian men.

I have established this work because I believe in
no way Russia will be helped more than by preaching to them
the same Gospel which has made both England and America free
and great. Russia needs above all sound, strong spiritual
leaders, and such we expect these men to become.

I should like my students to sing to you a couple
of Russian hymns, and as representatives from many parts of
Russia to thank you personally, and through you, the Ameri-
can people, for the kindness shown to Russia in this dark
hour of her history. If this audience with your Excellency
could possibly be arranged we would exceedingly appreciate
your Kindness.

The Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, and Rev. John Henry Jow-
ett have been two of my warmest supporters in my efforts to
help theRussian people since I have been in this country.

I am enclosing a clipping from The Missionary Review
of the world about the Conference to be held in Chicago; to-
gether with a copy of the Moody Church paper containing a
stenographic report of my address delivered there some time
ago, and a circular relating to our work.

I am your Excellency's most obedient servant,
W. Fetler



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