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The Russian Missionary and
Educational Society
To be incorporated

Rev. Cortland Myers, D. D., President
Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D.D., Vice-President
Rev. W. H. Griffith Thomas, D. D., Vice- President
Rev. William Fetler, Director for Russia
George L. Leonard, Secretary
G. Percy Fox, Treasurer
1820 Spring Garden Street, Philadephia, Pa.

The Russian Bible and Educational Institute
To be incorporated

A School of the Russian Missionary and Educational Society, 1818-1820 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Rev. William Fetler, President
Rev. George W. Price, Chairman
Rev. Harry S. Tillis, Secretary
G. Percy Fox, Treasurer

To train evangelists, preachers, Bible teachers,
and other missionaries for work among Russia's
182,000,000 people, the 30,000,000 Ukranians in Rus-
sia and Galicia, and for work among these same, and
other Slavic groups in Canada and the United States.

Basis of Work
The following fundemental truths are at the
centre of the teaching and practical activities of the
instituation: the inspiration and supreme authority
of the Holy Scriptures; the Deity of our Lord
Jesus Christ; His incarnation, stoning death,
bodily resurrection and personal return; the work
of the Holy Spirit in the regeneration and the sanctifi-
cation of believers; and obedience to the last com-
mand of our Lord in praying and working for the
evangelization of the world.

Students from Nine Nationalities
The Institite opened in Philadelphia October 1.
1917. Nearly one hundred students are enrolled.
Nine nationalities are represented: Russian,
Ukranian, Serbian, Estonian, Croatian, Lettish,
Polish, Jewish, and Finnish.

Jewish Department
A Jewish Christian Department is planned as
soon as practicable arrangements can be made. We
desire to prepare workers to evangelize the 8,000,000
Jews in Russia, and for work among the nationality
elsewhere. We have already two Jewish students,
a brother and sister, both of whose lives have beem
consecrated to work on behalf of their own people,
and a dozen more of our Russian students have sig-
nified their desire to prepare for mission work
among the Jews.


Our Financial Needs
Building Fund
Under the direct guidance of God, property has
been purchased, consisting of two main and two rear
buildings, with deep intervening lot, affording room
for large extension work. This could not be dupli-
cated for $100,000. There is needed to complete
the purchase...$40,000

Toward the expense of interior and exterior
changes, for adaptation to chapel, dormitory, class,
dining and administration purposes...$10,000

For teaching and administration staff, taxes
heat, light, equipment, school supplies, janitor,
kitchen and other help, and miscellaneous expenses,
for school year...$12,000.

Provisions for 100 students for the school year,
$9,000, of which the students themselves will con-
tribute $4,000...$5,000.

Will not your Church, Sunday School, or Society
undertake the support of one student for a year,
$250, including food, tuition, room, etc?

For all our needs we trust in God's
ability to supply through faithful
stewards among His children

All contributions should be sent to
G. PERCY FOX, Treasurer
1820 Spring Garden Street,
Phone, Poplar 7151 Philadelphia, Pa.


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