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soviet government that such a move will not occur,
we shall see a wonderful change in the Russian situa-
tion in the next six months.

4. Suggests sending of 40 to 200 American army
officers for the purpose of helping to organize the
new revolutionary army; also experts in oil and coal
mining, to assist in the reorganization of the oil
and coal fields.

5. Suggests industrial commission for the
purpose of arranging tonnage and purchasing raw
materials for shipment to America and England, to
prevent the available natural resources of Russia
from going to Germany through taking them ourselves;
on a trade basis, of course.

Says some allied cooperation along these lines
has already been started.

"Democratic Russia is getting angry with Germany
for the first time since the world war began... The
Russian situation is better for the Allies today than
at any other time since the revolution began... Had
we known Russian psychology or spent as much time
studying Russia as Germany spent we should have under-
stood... Let us play our ally’s government for bet-
ter or for worse, lest Germany beat us to it!"



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