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The special cable dispatches from
Moscow that are here presented
are reprinted from the columns of
The Chicago Daily News, which re-
ceived them from Louis Edgar
Browne, its staff correspondent in
Russia. Mr. Browne has been in the
thick of events in that distracted
country since the first days of the
provisional government which came
into existence soon after the down-
fall of the czar. These dispaiches—
which were almost the last to come
out of Russia before German infiu-
ences seriously affected the telegraph
lines in Finland—throw much new
light on obscure points in the recent
history of the new republic. They
also outline a program of action for
the United States government that
in the opinion of Mr. Browne and
certain other Americans now in
Moscow would rescue Russian de-
mocracy from the sinister designs of
Germany and might even cause Rus-
sia once more to become a positive
factor in the war against the central
powers. This program, with the facts
and views on which it is based, mani-
festly is entitled to receive careful
consideration from the authorities in
Washington, from American business
interests and from the American pub-
lic generally.



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