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Thus the allies, after five months of
despair over the Russian situation, at
last have something to look for. Things
have gone far in Russia. Lenine says:
"The Present situation is better than
the one we will have in the near future.
In April and May there will probably
be no bread at all, and the railways will
be overloaded with prisoners returning
from Germany and finally they will stop
working altogether."

Wrath at Germany Growing.

It is doubtful if the allies can do much
with the situation. But we are not so
sure of winning the war that we can
afford to overlook anything, no matter
how small. Perhaps Russia will not put
a large organized army in the field. She
may cost us much useless labor and a
large amount of money, but the soviet
knows that it must fight Germany again
and the country knows it. This knowl-
edge is expressed in every speach of the
soviet leaders, and every newspaper is
discussing the probability of again fight-
ing Germany. Every village orator
blames Germany for Russia's trials and
tribulations. For the first time revolu-
tionary Russia has a hard, real bond.
It has a tangible spirit for war.

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[Copyright, 1918. The Chicago Daily News Co.]

Moscow, Russia, April 14.—How can
the allies use present bay Russia in win-
ning the world war?

First, they must decide whether
soviet government is really a power in
Russia; then, if such is the case, they
must begin immediate co-operation with
that government. This can be done
either with or without actual official rec-

Here are the soviet's reasons for ex-
pecting co-operation by the allies:

President Wilson, speaking with refer-
ence to Japan's question whether in the
event that Russia signed a separate peace
with Germany the allies would consider
Russia neutral or an enemy, declare
that America continued to regard Russia
neither as a neutral nor as an enemy, but
as an ally. The soviet government feels
that it has the support of the majority
of the Russian people. Therefore, if
America continues to regard Russia as
an ally she should co-operate with her
ally's government.

See Germany as Russia's Enemy.

Further, Germany, the allies' enemy
probably will soon become again the ac-
tive enemy of Russia. Russia recognized
the soviet government as having sufficient
power to sign a peace in the name of
Great Russia. The soviet has now been
in undisputed power for five months
without serious armed opposition, except
in the Ukraine, where the reactionary
rada, mortgaged to Germany, is bolstered
up by German divisions

The soviet elements in the Ukraine are
conducting an active guerrilla warfare
against the Germans and the rada troops.
They retook Odessa. The authority of the
Russian soviet extends from Petrograd
to Vladivostok and from Archangel to
Baku. Only German or Japanese bay-
onets will prevent this soviet power from
lasting many months longer.


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