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resist the German kultur which is strug-
gling to penetrate Russia and crush
the Stavic spirit of democracy. The so-
viet power will not be able to hold out
long against Germany unaided.

If the allies strive to do so it may be
possible to remodel or tone down this
Russian democracy. Germany is contigu-
ous and therefore has the advantage. Ger-
many understands Russian psychology
the allies do not. Germany is pressing
her advantage home. If the allies remain
passive they inevitably will lose Rus-
sia not only for the purposes of the
world war, but also for the purposes of
world democracy. The loss of Russia to
world democracy would mean the re-es-
tablishment of a solid block of world
autocracies, including Japan, Germany
and Russia.

Russian Trade a Great Prize.

3. The third phase relates to the future
of the trade of Russia. This is combined
largely with the proposition that it is
important immediately to prevent the ex-
port of foodstufls to Germany. Russia is
the world's largest market, but is second-
ary in production. It is an essentially
agricultural country, importing 90 per
cent of the manufactured articles needed.
If the allies desert Russia now it means
that we turn her over to Germany not
only for the purposes of the war, but for
the purposes of trade as well.

Russia embraces 180,000,000 people and
one-sixth of the earth's populated sur-
face. If Russian resentment against Ger-
many, which is now growing by leaps and
bounds, turns against the allies, our
present good standing will be lost and
Germany will be given such an advan-
tage in the immediate purchase of raw
materials as will prevent imports from
other countries and the market will be
permanently closed to the allies.

On the other hand, every dollar we
spend in Russia now will return a hun-
dredfold from foreign trade, because the
money so spent will be used in building
up a spirit of brotherhood between great

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[Copyright, 1918, The Chicago Daily News Co.]

Moscow, Russia, April 15.—There are
three positive things that the allies
can do for Russia and incidentally for
themselves in Russia. One is to fos-
ter Russian resentment against Germany
and also encourage the revolutionary
spirit for war. The second is to preserve
in Russia the spirit of democracy for
which the allies are fighting. Third, by
saving the Russian democracy we shall
shut out the Germans in a large measure
and open Russia for ourselves as the
world's greates future market for manu-
factured articles.

There are two negative things the al-
lies can do. First, they should do noth-
ing that wil ultimately turn the country
over to the Germans. Second, they should
make no concerted invasion of Siberia
and they should not permit Japan to in-
vade Sibertia, for such an invasion would
immediately result in the turning of Rus-
sian resentment away from Germany and
against the allies. The invasion of Si-
beria would result in the fall of the so-
viet government, a German controlled
government replacing it in Europe and a
Japanese controlled government replac-
ing it in Siberia. Neither of these em-
pires wishes Russian democracy to suc-
ceed. Autocracy is lonely. A Japanese
invasion of Siberia either with or with-
out the co-operation of the allies would
be the most serious blow that could be-
fall the allies in Russia.

Lenine Talks of War with Japan.

If we are able to assure the soviet gov-
ernment that such a move will not oc-
cur we shall see a wonderful change in
the Russian situation in the next six
months. The recent Japanese landing
at Vladivostok gives an indication of
Russian sentiment. Lenine, speaking the
other day on this subject, said:

"We may have to declare war on Japan
because the Japanese imperialists which



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