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in his office in Siberia, it is impossible to go into this question
at this time.

in regard to Insurance, Colonel George H. Enerson, who re-

cruited and originally conmanded the Corps, has made the statement
that all members thoroughly understood, before leaving St. Paul in
November 1917, that they were not entitled to War Risk Insurance.

However, the Department of State advises me that it has been
considering for some time the question of the status of/and insurance
for the members of this Corps, and in connection with Senate bill
3865 has notified the Senate Committee on Military Affairs that when the bill comes up for hearing a representative of the Department wishes to be present. It will then request that several necessary changes be made, and will inform the Committee that with these changes the bill meets with the approval of the Department.

Should this bill become a law, you may be sure that the honorably discharged members of the Russian Railway Service Corps and also the families of its deceased members, will receive all the berofits acoruing to them thereunder.


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