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year a revival in Mexico City resulted in the professed conversion of nearly 1,000. There is a new eagerness to read Christian literature. And the tragic events of the past seven years may have paved the way for Mexico's spiritual rebirth.

The attitude of the Government toward Protestant missions is distinctly favorable, in spite of the apparent obstacles in the constitution. Some well informed friends say that the provisions of the constitution are misunderstood by many and deliberately misinterpreted by others. It has in no case vitally interfered with Protestant work. Missionaries are very scrupulous about observing to the letter its provisions with reference to foreigners taking part in the religious instruction of the people. The real purpose of this legislation has been to eliminate the vast numbers of foreign Roman Catholic priests who have been imported to Mexico since the Catholic Church was disestablished in France and in the Philippine Islands. While American missionaries are not permitted to serve as pastors of churches, many of them remain in Mexico to administer their work, teach in the schools, publish literature and periodicals and aid the native workers in every way possible. They leave it to Mexican pastors to administer the sacraments, preach and conduct formal religious services. This will mean a large development of the native ministry.

The largest regular Sunday congregation in the Republic of Mexico is-at the bull-ring. The next largest, out-numbering the gathering in any church or cathedral, is at the Mexican preaching service in the Methodist Church in Calle Gante. There never was a time in Mexico when the Gospel seemed to come so near the hearts of the impoverished and distressed people. There are seven hundred children regularly in Methodist Sunday-schools in the capital on Sunday mornings.

AMERICAN INTEREST IN RUSSIAN EVANGELITATION THE unfortunate breaking down of law and order in Russia, with the consequent menace to the allied cause, and to the freedom of Rumania and Persia, has not lessened the interest of American Christians in the spiritual welfare of Russians. This is shown not only in the efforts of various religious organizations to call attention to Russia's great need in this crisis, but has a practical expression in the Russian Bible and Educational Institute, established by Rev. William Fetler in Philadelphia. This school has now one hundred students and is preparing Russians for service in their own country.

A special call has been issued for conference and prayer on behalf of Russia, to meet in the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, from June 24th to 28th. This call is signed by some of the best known Christian leaders of all Evangelical denominations in America. In the call the


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following statement is made as to the great problem of Russia's evangelization:

The Revolution in Russia has resulted in throwing open to the Gospel the largest country, with its largest population of white people, in the world. There are 182,000,000 people in Russia, and yet there are not as many evangelical workers as in the city of Chicago alone, Any adequate evangelization plan must embrace not only the hundred million native Russians, but also the seven million Jews, the twenty million Poles, the thirty million Ukranians, millions of Mohammedans (Tartars, Kurds, Kirghiz, etc.) Armenians, Roumanians and Greeks, and besides these the Bulgarians, Servians, Croatians, Montenegrins and other related Slavonic peoples.

The propaganda of atheism and materialism is already assuming awful proportions. There is no time to lose. The Greek Orthodox Church is rapidly losing its grip upon the hears of the people, and before long large masses of simple religiously inclined Russians may be led astray into complete infidelity. Millions of people are looking for something different.

The greatest immediate need is the printing and circulating of a least a million copies of the Russian Bible, three million copies of the New Testament and a large supply of the very best Russian evangelical liturature. Then several undred evangalists, colporteurs and Christian workers must be trained and equipped for service in Russia. Already one hundred Russians in America have offered themselves for soul-saving service in their native land and are now in training, and there are also hundreds of converted and educated men in Russia who have suffered for their faith and who now need to be rallied and encouraged.

A vital factor in the realization of a comprehensive plan for Russia must be the evangelization of the Russian and other Slavonic people in America in order that they may return to their native lands fully equipped for effective service. The united prayers of God's people everywhere must be offered up in behalf of these long neglected multitudes.

The conference will be led by Rev. William Fetler and a choir of about fifty students from the Russian Bible Institute of Philadelphia are expected to sing their Russian hymns, Russian and other Slavonic evangelists and missionary workers of the Chicago Tract Society will also assist. This conference may mark an epoch in Russian history and in the progress of Christianity.

What will be reserved for the Russia of the future? Will she lose her body and gain her soul? Alread she has lost the Ukraine in the South, Poland, Finland, Courland, Livonia and Eshonia. With the setting of her political sun, may the Sun of Righteousness arise for Russia with healing in His wings.

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Did you know that for the first time in a thousand years there is perfect religious liberty in Russia? Will you become a partner in preparing the first party of One Hundred Missionaries now in training at THE RUSSIAN BIBLE INSTITUTE 1820 SPRING GARDEN SIREET, PHLLADELPHIA, PA.

[photo of Pastor Fetler] Paster Fetler

After imprisonment by the Czar's Government for banishment to Siberia for my Gospel work in Petrograd and Moscow, and later exiled from my dear native land, the Lord has made the wrath of men to praise him by enabling me first to help evangelize the 2,000,000 war prisoners in Europe, and, since September, 1917, to establish the Russian Bible Institute and to organize


of which the Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman and the Rev. Prof. W. H. Griffith Thomas are vice-presidents. By all these activities I have been able to accomplish more for the evangelization of Russia in my exile than if I had been allowed to remain unmolested at home.—Phil. 1:12.

A hundred resident Russian students have been enrolled for the first year. Will you PRAY that we may have spiritual and material blessing to train these men? Though the population of Russia is almost twice that of the United States, she has not as many preachers as Chicago alone.

The greatest need of that unhappy country just now is wise and strong spiritual leaders. Fifty of these students expect to go to Chicago to be present and to sing at the great Russian Missionary Conference, June 24-28, 1918, at the Moody Tabernacle. I am also praying that we shall be enabled to pay off this year the 835,000 mortgage on the buildings of our Institute.

It costs $250 to support a missionary student for one year. Will you, or your church, Sunday School or Voung People's Society adopt one as your representative?

Information and literature may be had from the Secretary, Mr. George L. Leonard, and gifts for the work sent to Mr. G. Percy Fox, Treasurer, 1820 Spring Garden Street, Philadedphia.

Yours for Russia's evangelization, WILLIAM FETLER

Paster Dom Evangelia Church, Petrograd, and President Russian Bible Institute.

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Dear Tumulty:

I am not at all sure that this gentle- man is following a wise course in this matter, and at any rate it would not be possible for me to see these young gentlemen today. I hope you will explain to Doctor Fetler that I did not have notice enough and greatly regret that I cannot have the pleasure of shaking hands with them.

The President. C.L.S.

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[stamp] ACK'D JUN 11 1918 [unclear]L.W.W.[/unclear] [/stamp]


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[stamp: ACK'D JUN 27 1818 C.L.S.]

June 11, 1918

My dear President:

Your patient perseverance in sympathetic support of Russian efforts to recover strength, stability and the internal and external cooperation necessary for the preservation of the national honor, integrity and prosperity of Russia; your noble and inflexible stand for self-government in Russia, in spite of open and secret hostility from numerous sources always disposed to regard the growth of representative government with an unfriendly eye; your faith and hope in the people of Russia have suggested to me an idea which may possibly meet with your approval.

The United States of America

and you, Mr. President, personally, have earned the deep and lasting gratitude of a people whose love of liberty is subordinate only to then love of justice. The Filipino believes in paying his debts. The people of the Philippines are indebted to you and to America for the preservation in, and assurance to the Philippines of those very things.


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which the people of Russia are seeking to retain and attain. If the people of Russia, misled by enemies, have doubts as to the ideals and policies of the American government and the American people, if they are being tricked into doubting your splendid championship of their cause; who could remove these doubts more swiftly or more surely than that people whose present condition and future prospects prove beyond question the uselfish and ideal character of your actual work for the likeration of humanity?

I feel that as a representative of the Filipino people it is my duty as it is a great pleasure to suggest to you, in this personal and informal way, that a delegation of Filipinos, representing the fruits of American labors for the cause of self government in Asia, might well visit Russia and tell the people of Russia that their hopes and the hopes of humanity rest upon the response which should be given to your frank and friendly, and absolutely unselfish, invitation to march forward with America to the peace of honor and right. I am sure that the Filipino people would feel it a great honor to be, in a modest and


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