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the Board your annual report as soon after the receipt of this as it can be prepared.

It should contain your recommendations and estimates for your expenditure in your district for the year 1871-72 with such statement of the utility of the objects of the special appropriations which you may be pleased to recommend as may suggest themselves to you and it should not arrive here later than the 1st proximo.

Sept. 8
Yaquina Bay, Or. Two Harbor Range lights relating to

From Engineer Secretary Maj. G.S. Elliot
To Coll R. S. Williamson Corps Engineers
Yaquina Bay Or. Two Harbor Range lights relating to


Congress at its last session made an appropriation as follows. For two harbor range lights to mark the entrance to Yaquina Bay, Oregon. $20,000.00

The maps which we have do not show clearly whether this range shall be on the South or the north Head but from a sketch recently received from the Coast Survey Office, which is herewith sent you, it would appear that the south head is the most probable position. You are requested to visit Yaquina Bay at your early convenience and select the sites for the two lights which should not be nearer together than 300 feet.

The rear light will be the principal light and contain the Keepers' dwelling and the front light will be

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