small and movable. If however the changes in the bar are very frequent and extensive, you may consider the advisability of making them both movable and of having a separate dwelling.

This should be considered in the selection of sites and you are requested to make purchase of sites on the best terms you can, subject to the approval of the Board and the Attorney General, the latter as to title.

There will be sent you a drawing of a light suitable for your rear light and drawings of the two range lights at Amelia Island, on of which can serve as a model for your front light. It should be remembered that the main light should be at the same time a range light and a harbor so that the lens and lantern should be made to illuminate the proper arc of the horizon as in other cases but the front light will illuminate but a few degrees.

Please return the drawings which are herewith sent.

Sept. 9

From Chief Clerk A.B. Johnson Esq. for Engr. Sec'y.
To Col. R.S. Williamson Corps Engineers
(SIDEBAR) Chart of Western Coast sent


I send you by this day's mail a Chart of the Western Coast of the United

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