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the construction should commence.
The design of placing a structure like that at Ediz Hook is approved.
You are desired to forward to the Board a requisition for the lens for Yaquina light which will be of the 5th order. You state that less than 270° arc of visibility is required. Please to state how much less and what kind of light it should be. This will involve a study of the kind of light to be used at Cape Foulweather.
At some time convenient to you please to have made and forwarded a set of drawings showing the structures to be placed at Yaquina.

Dec. 28
From Engineer Secretary Maj G. H. Elliot.
to Col. R.S. Williamson Corps Engineers.
Sir: In reply to your letter of the 19th instant, I have to say that the deed of land proposed to be purchased at Yaquina Bay, when submitted to the District Attorney should be accompanied by an abstract of title on which his opinion can be based, or else he should be requested to procure the same at the expense of the United States. If there is no conveyance at Yaquina, it is supposed the County

(aside note)
Yaquina Bay abstract of title to land requested

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