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1871 sent to you with this. The dwelling for the keepers would then be of wood and like the one shown on your plan, but the tower and house should not be connected, they should be separated so far that in case the dwelling should be burned the tower would not be injured nor the light extinguished.
You have then the alternative of building at Trinidad Head:
1st A dwelling and tower combined of brick, like that at Horse Island Lake Ontario or if the appropriation is not sufficient for this,
2nd A wooden house like that represented in the plan sent by you to the Board, and a detached tower of brick like that at Tchefuncte, La. except that in your case the Head being elevated the height seems to be smaller.
In regard to the Light House at Yaquina Bay the Board is not informed whether there is any wearing of the beaches around the point or whether the site is high or low.
If there is any doubt whatever as to the permanency of the site the house and tower combined and of wood as shown in your plan will be built there but in case the land is hard and fast and you can for see no danger to it from wind (if it is sand) or from encroachments of the sea you will adopt the alternative already mentioned in the case of Trinidad Head.

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