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will receive. The deck plates and railings will be made in San Francisco.
Please to copy the drawings and return them to the Board.

At your leisure you are requested to furnish drawings showing the L.H. sites at Yaquina and Trinidad Head, and of the Light Houses constructed there- the positions of the structures should always be determined with reference to the exterior lines of the Government property and located on the plats.

From Engineer Secretary Maj. G. H. Elliot.
To Col. R.S. Williamson Corps Engineers
Sir: Referring to your letter of the 15th instant, relative to lantern for Trinidad Head Light- station, I have to say that lanterns for the Pacific Co. Light-stations will be made on this coast and sent to you, but requisitions there- for should be made in time for your constructions. These requisitions should not be embodied with the requisitions for lenses.

The lanterns for the 4th,5th and 6th orders are the same, and you
can use the one which arrives first, for Yaquina.

(SIDE BAR) Yaquina Bay & Trinidad Head lanterns for rel

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