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(SIDE BAR) Photographer on Shubrick- aurth'd

1871 Mar 14
From Engineer Secy Maj. G. H. Elliot
To Col. R.S. Williamson Corps Engineers
Sir: Referring to your letter of the 6th instant I have to say that the employment of a photographer on the terms heretofore state by you to go in the "Shubrick" on her next trip for the supply of the Pacific Coast lights is approved.

Mar 15
From Chrmn. L.H.B Rear Adml. W.B. Shubrick
To Major H.M. Robert Corps Engineers
Your letter of the 4th instant addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury reporting for duty in the Light House Establishment has been received at this office and I have to inform you that you are assigned to duty as Light House Engineer of the 13th Light House District which embraces the Pacific Coast of the United State north of the northern boundary of California.
Col. R. S. Williamson U.S.A.

Engineers, Light House Engineer for the 12th &13th Districts, will turn over to you the property pertaining to the 13th District, and the directions which he has received from this Board in relation to it.

(SIDE BAR) Detailed for duty as L.H. Engineer 13" Dist.

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