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say that the manufacturers have templates for the posts, so that they can get the sizes and positions of the holes in the lantern posts exactly, but this is not the case in regard to the rafters. The manufacturers state that a Scotch drill complete, with all necessary drills and tools (to do the drilling by any ordinary workman) can be packed with the lantern posts and rafters and will cost eighty (80) dollars.

If you should conclude on receipt of this to do so, you can telegraph to the Board in time to order them.

Feb. 28
From Engineer Secretary Major G.H. Elliot
To Major H.M. Robert Corps Engineers
You will please report to the Board, at your earliest convenience, your opinion of the necessity of a Light House at the mouth of the river Umpqua, on the coast of Oregon, the interests of commerce and navigation such Light House would subserve; the proposed height of the focal plane if a Light House is built: and the estimated cost of the work.

You will please report, also, whether a screw-pile Light House which can be removed, when the shifting of the site upon which it is erected requires it (such a one as is used in eastern harbors and bays) would not, in your opinion be suitable for such a locality.

Your full investigation and report are requested.

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