bringing materials to Foulweather ??? is ??? to secure transportation of the balance of freight to The Cape this season. ood??? work in Oil House to be completed. Iron work to be placed as far as the Brickwork can be finished. Complete walls of Tower, if materials can be freighted.

Cape Flattery Lt.
Station, W.T.
Probable Operations
in October -
Purchase & ship Tools
& c, and send Machinist
to fit Engine for Salt

Ediz Hook Lt Station W.T. Probable operations in October -
Transmit Estimates for Repairs. Prepare for some
indispensable repairs.

New Dungenness Lt Station, W.T. Purchased materials and ??? on Spit. Prepared quarters for Men. Excavated for cistern & foundation for Wood house & c. Commenced hauling Materials to L.H. Site, including sand & water. Selected earth for garden; laid out all work for the season.
Probable Operations for October - Complete Woodhouse & Store-room and Cellar. Complete woodwork inside of Lt House. Complete Picket Fence; Garden; Transportation of Water, Sand, & Rails & Cisterns. Commence laying Post-Rail Fence enclosing Pasture.

Very Respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Henry M Robert
Maj. of Eng'rs &
L.H. Eng'r
Thirteenth District

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