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Notice to Mariners
(no. )

United States of America {carat: "Northwest Coast. "} Oregon.
Light-House at Cape Foulweather (Yaquina Point Head).

Notice is hereby given that a Light-House has been erected
Cape Foulweather. (Yaquina Point Head) Oregon, and the lights will be erected on or about the night of the 1st of March 1st of February 1873, and every night
after from sunset to sunrise.

The focal plane is 81 feet above the ground, and 150 feet above
sea level. The lights can be seen in clear weather from the deck of a
vessel, 15 feet above the sea, at a distance of eighteen {carat: "and a half"} nautical
The lens {carat: "is dioptic, of the"} a 1st order Fresnel, illuminating of the horizon 240 degrees {carat: "and"} will
show a fixed white light.

The tower {carat: "is"} of brick, is painted white, and the lantern {carat: "is painted"} black.

The Keepers' Dwelling, a two-story frame building, east of the tower is painted white.

{circled:A} Latitude 44 {degree symbol} 40' North.
Longitude 124 {degree symbol} 04' West.

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