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PORTLAND, OREGON Dec 17 187???

???man Light House Board,
Washington, D.C.
I have the honor to make the following Report of Operations for the month of October 187???
Cape Foulweather Lt Station, Ogn.
Received 1 cargo of Materials. Hauled materials, including Sand Water to L.H. Site. Roof, Cornice & ceiling of Oil-House completed - Iron Work fitted & placed, to the top of 4th stairs. Tower walls completed to top of necking??? course. 2 Coats Cement Wash put on Tower Wall so??? - as completed. Commenced 1st coat of paint on Oil House.
Probable Operations in November.
Receive 1 cargo materials. Complete carpenter work & painting. Finish Tower walls. Get casting from Portland to replacea landing which does not fit.
Cape Flattery Lt. Station, W.L.
Sent machinist. who put the Fog Signal apparatus into complete order, fitted Boiler for use of salt water & instructed Keepers (none of whom has had experience in running a steam engine) in the use of salt & fresh water in boiler. Supplied station with Stove, Engine, Clock, & complete set of tools needed for Signal; delivered 10 cords of wood for Fog Signal.

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