Office of the Light House Engineer
Thirteenth District,
Portland, Oregon.
December 17 1872

Chairman Light House
Washington, D. C.

I have the honor to
make a Report of
Operations for the
month of November,
Cape Foulweather
Lt Station, Ogn -
Received cargo of
Materials at Newport,
& hauled same to
L.H. Site.
Brick work finished to
within 2 1/2 feet of top
of tower. Floors laid.
Cement wash & white
wash finished on
outside, and 1 coat
white-wash on inside
walls. Carpenter work
finished on Tower &
oil-house. Parapet
plates put up. Continued
Painting wood & metal
Probable Operations
for December-
Finish brick-work.
Put in new landing
& 2 flights of stairs.
Clear away scaffolding.
Commence putting
up Lantern &Lens if
new landing received.
Cape Hancock Lt
Station, W. T.
Purchased materials &
secured transportation
& men for work.
Probable Operations
in December.
Transport Men & Materials
to L.H. site. If weather
permits, & transportation
to landing on beach
to L.H. site can be
secured so as to cause
no delay, the station
walls will be built &
the Oil-House enclosed

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