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Officice of Light House Engineer
Thirteenth District

Portland, Oregon April 14 1873

Chairman Light House Board,
Washington, DC

I have the honor to make the following Report of Operations for the month of March 1873.

Cape Foulweather Lt Station, Ogn.
Completed painting of Iron Work of Tower. Graded outside of enclosure on west side of tower.

Probable Operations for April
Complete work, if missing parts of Lantern are received.

Point Adams, Ogn.
Inspected, in company with Capt Spotts, LH Inspector, with reference to location of Light House & Fog Signal.

Cape Hancock Lt Station, W.T.
Completed painting. Put up eave-troughs & pipes. Repaired chimney. Inspected Oil House as completed - Examined, with Capt. Spotts, Keeper & Assistants.

Cape Flattery Lt. Station, W.T.
Put Fog Signal into complete repair. Inspected Fog Signal, & examined Keeper & Assistants, with Capt. Spotts.

Probable Operations for April.
Make estimate & plans to submit to Lt. Ho. Board for tank for temporary ??? & water fog Signal.

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