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United States Engineer Office
Portland, Oregon, Dec. 17, 1887.

The Chief of Engineers,
U.S. Army
Washington, D.C.

I have the honor to submit the following report as to the present status of Yaquina Harbor, and as to whether the harbor improvements have been completed, and warranted the establishment of a light there.
Yaquina Bay affords ample harbor accommodation; but at present vessels of deep draught cannot enter, as there is only about 12 feet depth of water over the bar, in the deepest channel, at low-water. The average range of tide is about 7 feet.
There is little or nothing in the way of local resources to build up a commerce of any extent; but as an outlet to an important railroad, the harbor is rapidly growing in importance. Its future growth will depend much upon the improvement of the entrance to the harbor, and also upon the extension of the railroad to a connection with a trans continental line. At present, almost the only vessels entering and leaving the port are the passenger steamers running from Yaquina City to San Francisco.
A jetty nearly 3,000 feet long has been constructed by the government, on the south side of the entrance. The results thus

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