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far obtained by this work are: the partial straightening of the channel, and the reducing of the limits of its movements; and the deepening of the water from about 8 feet to about 12 feet at low water. The project for the improvement contemplates extending the south jetty 1000 feet or more, and the building of a north jetty, some 3,000 feet in length. To carry out these works, an appropriation of about $500,000 will be needed.
At Cape Foulweather there is a light of the first order; and as this is distant from the Yaquina Bay entrance only about four and one-half miles, there can be no great necessity for a light at Yaquina Head, for vessels simply holding and offing. This is particularly the case, as outside the Yaquina entrance are submerged rocks and reefs, making it extremely dangerous for vessels to hold in, close to shore. At Foulweather, on the contrary, there is good water close in. The only object, then, for re-establishing the light at Yaquina Head would be to, assist vessels in making bar crossings at night. For this purpose a light on Yaquina Head would be of very little assistance. To enable vessels to cross at night with any degree of safety, it would be necessary to establish range lights, which would have to be shifted from time to time, depending upon the movements of the deep water channel. The limits within which this shifting of the channel now takes place are much narrowed by the improvement-works already completed; but it is not proba

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