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Portland, Oreg., Dec. 29, 1900

The Light-House Board,
Washington, D. C.

I have the honor to report that additional quarters are very badly needed at the Yaquina Head, Or., Ediz Hook, Wash., New dungeness, Wash., and Robinson Point, Wash., Light-Stations.

At Yaquina Head Light-Station there are three keepers, the quarters comprise one double dwelling which is occupied by the keeper and one assistant with families. This leaves the other assistant without quarters as there is no room in the double dwelling. This condition of affairs has existed ever since the light was established in 1881 and one assistant has been compelled to occupy a building erected for temporary use as an office by the contractors for the erection of the tower and dwelling, being flimsily constructed in the first instance, its condition has gradually grown worse and worse until now it is practically uninhabitable and new quarters should be provided. It has been patched and repaired all it will stand. For the last two years recommendation has been made in the annual report that an appropriation be obtained for a new dwelling but so far without avail. A suitable dwelling can be constructed for $4,000.00.

At Ediz Hook Light-Station the dwelling is arranged for the accommodation of one family, but as there are two keepers employed the quarters are insufficient and a new dwelling is urgently needed.

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