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Sept 19/99

(All communication should be addressed to "THE LIGHT-HOUSE BOARD.")

Treasury Department,
Office of the Light-House Board,
Wahsington, D.C., 11 Sept., 1899.

Capt. W. C. Langfitt, U.S.A.,
Engineer 13th L. H. Dist.,
Portland, Oreg.


Referring to your letter of 26 August, '99, the Board authorizes you to make repairs and install a heater at the Yaquina Head, Oreg. light-station at a total estimated cost of $850., the repairs to be made under your direction by persons in your employ and by the purchase of the necessary materials of the lowest bidder after due advertisement in accordance with existing regulations.

The cost of these repairs and of the heater is to be paid from funds alloted from the appropriation, Repairs and Incidental Expenses of Light-Houses, 1900.

In the case of the heater, the Board authorizes you to purchase a Little Giant Heater No. 16 of the local agent at a cost not to exceed $200, it being of specified manufacture and not obtained by competition.

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