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Treasury Department,
Office of the Light-House Board,
Washington, D.C.

15 Sept. '98

Comdr. John C. Morong, U.S.N.
Inspector 13th L.H. Dist.,
Portland, Ore.


The annual report of your inspection of Yakina* Head, Ore., Light-Station, made 1 Aug. '98, has been received.

In answer to the 84th question- "Does the keeper make any complaints as to the incapacity or inattention of the assistant keepers?" you reply "Yes, regarding 2d Assistant Keeper, Harry S. Littlefield, who the Keeper says is physically unable to perform his duties. This I found to be true."

In all such cases where you have to report keepers for incapacity or inattention it is the desire of the Board that in addition to the statement you make in your report you should write a letter to the Board, making a full statement of the case, with recommendation as to the course which should be taken. In the case of Assistant Keeper Littlefield, the Board requests your recommendation as to his transfer and reduction in pay, or his

*should have been Yaquina

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