Port Angeles YJ 61 North 95 North 25 67 "A"
Wash. 60 East 101 East 102 "B"
(2nd check) 16 South 17 South
55 West 73 West

Seattle,Wn. YJ 30 North 49 North 505 35 "A"
11 East 42 East 55 "B"
28 South 40 South
33 West 46 West

Tillamook, AN/CPN-3 20 North to Southwest 25
Ore. 70 South to Southwest
60 Southwest to Northwest

During the initial check of the Port Angeles RACON, the YG homing beacon interfered with the signal; the second test, after the equipment had been adjusted, proved quite satisfactory considering the surrounding terrain, and showed and increase over a previous check of 35 miles on a 90 [degree] bearing from the beacon. In the northern quadrants, good coverage was obtained but it decreased slightly over Vancouver Island, B.C. and became quite poor to the south where the mountains were approximately 7500 to 8500 feet hight. The RACON antennae were located on Ediz Hook near Port Angeles, Washington, in the open with no restrictions other than the mountainous terrain.

The anternnae at the Astoria RACON were elevation 750 feet above sea level but this elevation did not provide the coverage originally hoped for. High hills to the northeast across the Columbia River and mountains to the east reduced the ranges in those directions, while a grove of trees 150 feet from the station (about 50 feet in height) restricted the signals at lower altitudes to the north, northeast and east. It was determined by the pilot that the beacon afforded good coverage over water and fair coverage over land. The Tillamook RACON was check while a forest fire was raging about 20 miles distant from the station which caused dense clouds of smoke to ascend about 8000 feet into the air. However, there was no indication that the smoke affected the beacon's signals in any way, as the mountains restricted the


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