The jobs confronting the buoy tenders were much the
same - relieve buoys annually, replace and recharge bat-
teries, install acetylane accumulators and establish new aids.
The routine, however, was never monotonous. Treacherous
waters, dangerous shoals, fog, storms and the nature of the
equipment made the task of the buoy men a hazardous as well as
highly specialized operation. Winter activities were es-
pecially gruelling as sharp winds blew icy water on the men
as they worked, while
the rolling ship with
it slippery deck
made each movement
a hazardous one.
The accompanying
photographs showing
these men at work and
give an idea of the
gigantic task they
performed - thankless
except for the grati-
tude of those whose
lives were safeguarded
by the aids so effi-
ciently cared for.

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