Chapter Notes
Foreward (Page 2) - Letter from the Commandant to members of the former Lighthouse Service eligible for appointment or enlistment in the Coast Guard, dated 25 November, 1939.

Light Stations (page 1) - Coquille River and Warrior Rock Lighthouses were originally "keeper stations" but were changed to unwatched lights in 1940.

Lightships (Page 15) - Because of the confined conditions aboard Lightships, men were granted 180 days personnel liberties as per anuum. It was found that the men became weary after spending some time aboard Lightships on exposed stations, and it was necessary to bring them ashore at frequent periods. It was the practice of the Lighthouse Service to make a trip into the Lightship every four weeks, using one of the buoy tenders for this purpose and, at the same time delivering provisions and water. After spending 8 weeks aboard, the members of the crew and officers were given four weeks liberty ashore. This arrangement proved very satisfactory for a period of years. Under the Coast Guard, however, it was felt that the 8 week period of duty was too long. The 4-week period of duty was not provided for under Coast Guard Regulation and was unsatisfactory as enlisted men were entitled to quarters and rations. The question was raised as to whether the enlisted men in the lower grades would have sufficient funds to finance themselves on these long periods of liberty. It was standard Coast Guard practice to provide 10 days shore duty to keep the crews contented.

Radiobeacons (Page 21) - Radiobeacon peace time operation (continuous - clear weather) was resumed at the end of the war.

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