1906 1053 1053 Sheet 5


6 Aug 30 July R.G. Buesell req information rel to renting or leasing portion of land

7 Aug. Wrote Mr. Buesell rel to leasg or rentg part of --------reservation.

27 Aug. 22 Aug 13 Engr. req authy to repair workship &c at L.S.
27 Aug Bd. Authzd. repairs at the

11 Oct 5 Oct. 13 Engr trans bids for lumber

12 Oct Form 149 - Authzd pchs of lumber for repairs to --- $168.63

25 Oct 13 Oct. 13 Inspr req appt of H.E. Higgins as 2nd asst (10107)


7 Mch. 4 Mch. Sen. Jonathan Bourne asks if B. F. Jones, Independence, Oreg., can secure 1/2 acre of each at Newport, Oreg., on L.H. Reservation.

8 Mch. Wrote Sen. Bourne that Yaquina Bay L.H. Reservation is udner the War Dept and Bd. cannot grant Request.

11 Mch. P.C. of lttr to Sen. Bourne.


6 Apr. 3 Apr. War Dept trans letter from Chief of Engineers as to whether Dept of C. & L. has assumed control over reservation.

8 Apr. 6 Apr. Hon. Jonathan Bourne, U.S.S. asks that matter of jurisdiction of reservation be settled that Mr.Jones can secure land desired.

8 Apr. Dept wrote Sen. Bourne that matter referred to in his lttr is receiving attention.

10 Apr. Dept. Wrote Sec. of War giving status of old light-house site at Yaquina Bay, Ore.

11 Apr 8 Apr Press copy of letter to Sen. Bourne.

12 April. Dept Wrote Hon. Jonathan Bourne, statg that it is not advisable in opinion of Light-House Board either to sell or lease----
13 Apr Press copy of letter to Secy of War dated 10 Apr from Dept
15 Apr 12 Apr Press copy of letter to Sen. Bourne rel inadvisability of selling or leasing reservation.

30 Apl. 29 Apl. Dept trans lttr from Sen Bourne dated 27 Apl urging further consideration of req to allow B.F.Jones to lease portion of Yaquina L.H. Re???
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