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Department of Commerce and Labor

September 17, 1907.

In accordance with the Board's indorsement of the 14th instant, the Department accepts the resignation of Frank M. Plummer as keeper of Yaquina Head Light-Station, Oregon, $800 per annum, effective at the close of September 30, 1907.

Yours very respectfully,
Lawrence O. Murray
Assistant Secretary.

The Light-House Board.

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Biography I found online:
Lawrence Owen Murray (1864-1926) was a banker, government official, and Comptroller of the Currency, 1908-1913. He was educated in law, receiving degrees from both Metropolis law school and New York University law school in 1893, and immediately went to Washington, D.C., to work as private secretary to William Edmond Curtis, assistant secretary of the United States treasury. There he continued his education in law and was ultimately promoted to Chief of Organization of the treasury department (1896) and Deputy Comptroller of the Currency, 1898.

Murray left governmental service to work for private trust companies in New York until 1904, when his friend, President Theodore Roosevelt, appointed him Assistant Secretary of the Department of Commerce (1904) and Comptroller of the Currency, 1908. He held the latter position until 1913, at which time he took over the presidency of the United States Trust Company in Washington, D.C. Murray went on to serve in a financial and banking capacity for both the United States Army and the American Red Cross, before his death in 1926.
Source: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/taro/utcah/01628/cah-01628.html


Head Keeper Frank M. Plummer was the longest serving lighthouse keeper at Yaquina Head. He transfered from the position as 2nd assistant at Cape Blanco lighthouse to the position of !st assistant keeper in 1877 at Yaquina Head and became Head Keeper after the death of Head Keeper Shadrack L. Wass in 1886. Frank retired in 1907 after 30 years of service at Yaquina Head. Both Wass and Plummer are from Addison Main (Washington County). From the 1850 census you can see the Wass and Plummer names, sometimes from the same household. However, I cannot find the connecting ancestor between the two keepers. If you find or know information on how they are related, please e-mail the information to blm_or_yh_education@blm.gov.