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War Department,
Office of the Chief of Engineers,

April 2, 1907

The Secretary of War.


1. By authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, dated October 24, 1888, a reservation of about 36 acres was transferred by the Light-House Board to the officer in charge of the improvement of Yaquina Bay, Ore., for the temporary use of the War Department, with the understanding that when no longer used by that Department, or whether required by the Light-House Board, the reservation and buildings thereon should revert to the care of the Light-House Establishment.

2. The War Department has no further use for this reservation, and under date of April 17, 1906, this office reported to the Secretary of War the facts in the case, with recommendation that the Department of Commerce and Labor be informed that as the improvements of Yaquina Bay have been discontinued, there is no objection to the Light-House Establishment resuming possession and control of the reservation. What further action was taken is not known to this office.

3. Applications have been received by the War Department for privileges on this reservation, and the applicants have been referred to the Department of Commerce and Labor, who state that they have there been informed that the reservation is still under the control of the War Department. Inasmuch as there seems to be some doubt as to which Department is now in responsible charge of

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