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Office of the Secretary,
War Department,
April 3, 1907

April 2, 1907

Chief of Engineers.

Suggests that matter of control or certain reservation in connection improvement of Yaquina Bay, be brot again to the attention of the Secretary of Commerce and Labor for information whether that Department has resumed control over the reservation, or will do so in the near future.

April 3, 1907
M.&R. Div. War Dept.

10 April, '07
Wrote Sec. of War giving status of L.H. Res. at Yaquina Bay, Ore.

Department of Commerce and Labor,
Office of the Chief Clerk,

Entered April 6, 1907.
Office of the Chief Clerk,
Department of Commerce and Labor,
Forwarded April 4, 1907
to the Light-House Board.

Chief of Bureau:

Please prepare a reply for the Secretary's Signature, returning the original letter to this office with the reply.
By direction of the Secretary.

W.R. Blackford
Acting Chief Clerk.

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