The Shoreham,
Washington, D.C., March 4, 1907.

Hon. Oscar S. Straus,
Secretary of Commerce and Labor,
Washington, D.C.


I am today in receipt of a letter from Mr. B.F. Jones, a reputable attorney of Independence, Oregon, in which he says:

"I am anxious to secure the right to use about half an acre of the beach at Newport, Oregon, on the Government Light House Reservation. The ground I wish to use is the sand beach fronting the Bay from the old light house. This is a sand dune, and never used for any purpose. There is a bluff behind it about 100 feet high, and the beach is not used by the Government nor the public. The life saving station is located near by.

I wish to secure the right to use this portion of the beach for the purpose of erecting a "shoot the chutes" similar to those at other summer resorts. I wish, also, to have permission to erect a building at the bluff or on it, in front of the sand dune. It would not in any way damage the government property."

I am personally familiar with the vicinity which Mr. Jones desires to occupy, and feel confident that this request might be complied with without in any way infringing upon the preserves actually utilized by the men of the Life Saving Station.

I would esteem it a personal favor if you would have this request properly investigated, and authority granted, provided the result of your investigation will justify such action. I inclose herewith map of the locality. Awaiting your reply, I am,

Very respectfully,

Jonathan Bourne

Senator-elect from Oregon.

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