Department of Commerce and Labor
Light-House Establishment

Office of Engineer,13th District
Portland, Oreg.

April 22, 1905.

The Light-House Board,
Washington, D. C.

Replying to Board's letter of
April 14, 1905, No. 2169, and
referring to joint report of Inspector
and Engineer of this District in
response to same, as regards for an
recommendation for an appropriation
of $4000.00 for the construction of
of a keeper's dwelling at Yaquina Head
Light- Station, Oregon, I am of the
opinion, from the cost of dwellings
recently constructed at other
stations in favorable localities, that the
appropriation asked for should be
increased to $5000.00 to cover increased
cost of transportation and other
expenses incident to the location.

Respectfully yours,

W Claupfitt ???
Major, Corps of Engineers, U.S. A.
Engineer 13th Light-House District.

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