Department of Commerce and Labor
Light-House Establishement

Office of Inspector,13th District
Portland, Oreg.

24 September 1904

The Light-House Board,
Washington, D. C.

With reference to the Board's
letter of 16 September, 1904, File No.
1053, in regard to my recommendatiom
of 6 September, 1904, for the appointment
of Mr. Michael Ludescher as Second
Assistant Keeper at Yaquina Head
Light Station, Oregon, I have to
submit the following statement.
Mr. Geo. O. T. Knudsen was
offered an appointment as
Assistant Keeper at Desdemona Sands
Light Station, Oregon, and declined
to accept on account of sickness
in his family (letter of 30 March, 1904,
As his reason for declining
appeared to be of a temporary
nature Mr. Knudsens's name was
not removed from the list, but no
further direct communication having
been received from him, although
another offer was addressed to him,
I have now to consider his
declination as permanent.
This leaves Mr. Ludescher
one of the first three available for
appointment, and I have therefore
to renew my recommendation.

Very respectfully,

C. G. Calkins
Commander, U. S. N.
Light-House Inspector

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