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Newport, Oregon, July 30, 1906

U.S. Light House Board


Will you please inform me if there is any way a person or association of responsible character could lease or rent the piece of ground marked "Red Bath House" on the rough map I herewith enclose. It is a strip of sand beach just above high water mark and next to the bluff between the ??? fifty ??? and the hill out of the way of anything the Government might wish to do at some future time. This location by reason of its being under the high headland is protected from the cold north wind and the still water in the bay makes it a very desirable ??? ??? several years ago a few rough places were built there but the uncertainty of ??? on ??? did not then nor does it now justify such buildings as the place and requires I would enter into ??? of such as required and stipulate to remove the buildings anytime the ground was needed by the government. An answer to this would be appreciated.

Very respectfully yours,

R.H. Biesell

The area would not exceed 200 feet long by 25 to 30 wide.