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Kind of stairway and steps. Iron

Number of landings of stairway. Five (5)

Size of glass for glazing tower windows. Ten by twelve (10 x 12) inches

Number of windows in tower, and size of sash.
Four (4) windows size of each 6.6” x 2.3”

Kind of foundation and depth below the surface.
Concrete, seven (7) feet below surface.

Character of soil at and surrounding the light-house.
Dark clayey loam.

Soil susceptible to being protected by grass, shrubbery, or trees.
Grass grows well. The winds are too violent for shrubbery or trees.

Miscellaneous remarks upon the tower and site.
The tower is located on the extreme westerly point of the cape, within twenty feet of the edge of a perpendicular rocky cliff seventy above sea level. The Keeper’s dwelling is located seventy feet east of the tower, at which point the cape is only two hundred and fifty feet wide, with perpendicular cliffs of rock on either side, overlaid by a strata of gravel and clay, five feet deep, on top of which is eighteen inches of soil.

The wind at times sweeps across the point of the cape with great violence taking gravel stones from the cliffs a hundred feet distant and hurling them against the dwelling with such force as to break the glass in the windows.

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