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Time marker for revolving light.
Gauge (250 grain measure) for regulating the overflow of oil through burner.
Spare lamp ready for use. One
Rod lamp ready for use. One
Curtain-hanger for putting up and taking down lantern curtains. One
Heater, (if required) Not required
Spare-lamp cover.
Lamp stand.
Mechanical lamp cords or chains.
Revolving machinery cords or chains.
Revolving machinery weights.
Clutch for resting weight on
Spare fly or governor
Gauge for oil cistern of lamp. One
Feather brushes. Three
Linen towels. Ten
Sponges. Three
Chamois skins. Six
Scissors. Two straight and two curved
Chimney-lifters. One
Coupling-plyers. One pair
Service basket and implements. One service basket with all the necessary implements.
Cleaning materials. Rooter stone, Rouge, whiting, spirit wine etc.
Keeper’s aprons, &c., (see list.) Six aprons
Closets In Tower
How fitted and used. There are no closets in the tower. The closets in the oil-house (which is at the base of the tower) are fitted up with shelves and close fitting doors. All the small articles of such as wicks, towels, lens covers xc are kept in them.

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