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Location, with reference to the light-house, to a particular danger or channel, or to the special object for establishing it.

Distance from the lighthouse.
Water supply for it.
How it is reached from the lighthouse.
Kind and size of fog signal building or buildings.

Dwellings For Keepers
Location, with reference to the light-house tower. The keeper’s dwelling is located 70 feet east from the light-house tower. Double tenant and two stories high.
Materials of which built. Wood
Number of rooms in each dwelling. Six
Number of keepers and assistants to each dwelling. Two in one, one in the other
Out houses. Wood houses, privies and stable
Paths or walks on the premises. Gravel walk around the dwelling and from dwelling to tower.
Area of premises enclosed, and how. W board fence runs across the point of the cape from south shore to the north shore, enclosing the entire site. The keepers dwelling is also enclosed by a neat picket fence.
Area of garden. About one acre.

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