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If from a well, describe and give depth.
Lined or not.
Water obtained by pump or bucket.
Distance from keeper’s dwelling.
Pump: W.B. Douglas No. 2 closed spout kitchen assistant’s quarters
“ “ “ No. 2 “ “ “ Keeper’s “
A.V.W. Donald/Outage No. 2 Kitchen spout outside cistern east side
The sewing co. No. 4 “ “ “ “ “ west “
Health Of The Light-Station And Vicinity.
General opinion in regard to the healthiness or unhealthiness of the light-station and vicinity. The general opinion is that it is good.
Diseases—what are the most prevalent at the station and in the vicinity. No prevalent diseases of the station or in the vicinity.
Do they prevail at particular seasons of the year or not?
Are there any local causes, such as swamps, marshes, etc., in the immediate vicinity of the lighthouse which are likely to be the cause of these diseases?

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