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------. Cape Foulweather, sea-coast of Oregon.--- Work has been seriously hindered by the difficulties connected with the transportation of materials. Since the commencement of work in the autumn of 1871 the lighters have been destroyed twice, and the schooner engaged in bringing materials from San Francisco has been obliged to discharge most of her freight at Newport, to be reshipped in milder weather, besides twice getting on the bar at the mouth of Yaquina Bay, and being once partially wrecked. Part of the materials have been hauled from Newport, six miles over an almost impassable road to the light-house site. The metal-work was completed at Portland, Oregon, June 1 1872. After the failure of persistent efforts to charter a vessel for carrying iron and brick from Portland to the cape, the metal-work was shipped via San Francisco. About one-half the time since the work began has been lost on account of the difficulties of transportation. The foundation of the tower has been laid, and work commenced on the keeper's dwelling, a double frame house. Both will probably be completed this season.

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