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446. Cape Foulweather, sea-coast of Oregon.--- the keepers dwelling was completed in September, 1872. Notwithstanding the delays connected with transportation, the light-house would have been completed and the light exhibited as early as January, 1873, but for the fact that a part of the lantern had been lost at sea in transportation from the East, a fact not discovered in time to prevent delay. Duplicates of the missing pieces have at length been received, and the light will be exhibited on the 20th of August, 1873.


459. Cape Foulweather, sea-coast of Oregon.---This station was completed and the light exhibited for the first time on the night of August 20, 1873.


460. Cape Foulweather, (Yaquina Head,)sea-coast of Oregon.---At this station the two sides of the keeper's dwelling most exposed to severe rain and wind storms, and which leaked badly, have been covered with rustic siding. They will now be perfectly tight. The tower has been whitewashed, and the dwelling painted. Some work has been done by the keeper on the road between the station and Yaquina Bay. Many minor details have received attention. The entire station is now in excellent order.


475. Cape Foulweather, sea-coast of Oregon.---Repairs to the building and tower are required, materials for which have been purchased.


474. Cape Foulweather, sea-coast of Oregon.---The dwelling and tower were during the year thoroughly repaired and painted, and the station is now in good order.


493. Cape Foulweather (Yaquina Head), sea-coast of Oregon.--- High winds prevailed at this station for a period of 7 days during March, and broke many panes of glass in the storm-sashes, inside sashes, and windows attached to the keeper's dwelling. Twenty running feet of shingles were blown from the roof of the oil-house, and about 50 feet of the picket-fence, which was old and decayed, was blown down and completely destroyed. All the articles necessary to replace those destroyed, together with paint, &c., have been shipped to the station by the Shubrick, and the repairs will soon be made.

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