503. Cape Foulweather (Yaquina Head), sea-coast of Oregon.---This is also an exposed head-land where violent gusts of wind are not infrequent. The soil near the upper surface is very friable and is filled with gravel and small pebbles. During squalls the face of the cliff is swept by winds and great quantities of sand and gravel are lifted from their beds and driven against the buildings, injuring the shutters and breaking glass. To screen the station in a moderate degree against this influence a close board fence about 8 feet high was built, in August around the crest of the bluff close up to the margin, to arrest as far as practicable the flight of the gravel and throw it back upon the beach below. It has worked very satisfactorily. In January, the roof of the dwelling was greatly injured, the fences were blown down, the pickets broken off, and the displaced material scattered, drift-like over the station. In October and January, sea-fowls broke, in the night-time, several panes of glass in the lantern. All repairs have been made and the station is in good order.

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