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Notice to Mariners
(No. 90.)
United States of America - Pacific Coast

Oregon - Yaquina Bay

Notice is hereby given, that a light will be exhibited on the evening of October 1, 1871, and on every evening thereafter, from sunset to sunrise, from a recently erected low square wooden tower, rising from the keeper's dwelling (painted white) on the north front of the entrance to Yaquina Bay, Oregon.

The structure stands 120 feet above the mean sea level, and the light 40 feet from the base of the tower, giving a focal plane of 160 feet above mean sea level.

The light will be a fixed white (underlined) light, of the 5th order of Fresnel, illuminating an arc of 240 degrees of the horizon.

The dwelling and tower are painted white (underlined). The dome of the lantern and gallery balusters are painted red (underlined).

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