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September 2
George Bogne
Josie Bogne
Jennie Lambacher 1145
September 3
Mrs. W. A. Howe Portland
Mrs. C. W. Sears Albany
Eddie N Sears "
Dr. F Frank Nevada City, Cal.
Matthew Acheson 1151 Shedd, Ogn
September 4
W Forsythe Oregon City
S D Forsythe Oregon City
Mrs. E S Upham
Mrs G C [Yerner? Yenner?]
Effie Bittrell, Sturgeon Mo.
Mrs. W. H. Staats
S C Turner & son
Clarence Ireland
Glenn Ireland
Willard ireland
Fred Ireland
Marvin Turner
Miss Lena Salden Beatrice Neb.
Mr. P. Fredrickson Portland 1164
Wm. W. Plimpton & family Wife & 2 Children Portland, Or.
A. McAbee & wife Portland, Or.
John Funge & Family Wife 2 Children 1174
September 5
F W Chambers Toledo
George Chambers "
Anna Chambers "
Ruth Gaither "
Sada Chambers "
Eff Crosno "
Eli Gaither "
Aden Crone "
J. T. Tate Albany

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