June 3rd
Mrs E. E. Parsons, Ipswich S. Dak.
Mrs A P. Stowe, Lebanon Oregon
Mrs. G W Warner, Lebanon Oregon
Miss Bessie Warner, Lebanon Oregon
Miss C. Hunter, Albany Oregon
Miss Ettie Hunter, Albany Oregon
Geo W Warner, Lebanon Org

June 7
J. A. Hunter, Albany Org
Hark Hunter, Albany Org
W Arthur, Albany Org

June 9
W Arthur
Rev. J. A. Townsend, Turner Org

June 12
Birdie Williams
M. F. Wheeler San Francisco

June 13
N. H. Cummings
Maggie Cummings
Liddie Holloway
May Holloway
J E Cherry, Afton Iowa

June 14
Joseph N. Hunter Albany Or.
Lizzie M. Hunter Albany Oregon
J R Swank, Albany Oregon 52

June 15
Mrs Mary Tisdale, Albany Oregon
Ettie Hunter, Albany Oregon
Addie Tisdale, Albany Oregon
Lizzie Roncosky, Newport, Oregon

June 20
H M Brunk, Yaquina City
W Morrow, Salem
J. E. Wilson, Chitwood Station
W C Dodge, Harrisburg, Ore.
T. S. Dean Jr., Lowry City, Mo.

June 25
James Connor, Blackbute, Oregon
E. B. Martin, Newport Oregon

June 26
J. E. Kern and three children, Newport, Or.
W. P. Ford, Newport

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