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JOURNAL of Light-house Station at Cape Foulweather (Visitor log)
July 21 Mrs. N.P. Lind
H. A. Talbot & Wife
22 Prather Columbia, Missouri
Albany, Oregon
Amanda M. Prather Columbia, Mo.
Mrs. Carrie W. Ronner Natchez, Miss
Mrs. Lattei Albany Or
J M. " "
Chat Mayhew & Wife Portland


July 22 (continued) Mrs. V. B. Nunn (?) Albany Or
Leta Nunn " "
Zula Nunn " "
M J Price (?) Portland.
Mary E. Johnson – Sioux City, Iowa
Laura E. Frazee, Portland, Or.,
J. N. Ellison Shedd "
S.M. Ellison " "
Jas Gault. " "
Dora Gault " "
Rev. H. Downey Blair, Fairmount Ky,


July 22 (continued)
S ? Logan Toledo
Phos J Logan
G P Logan
R M Logan
John Logan Newport
S W Ross Albany
Mrs Flora Pio E. Portland
Mr Chas. Pio "
Clayton Pio "
Percy Pio "
Mrs Emma Bowlby Hillsboro
Thomas M Ramsdell Newport
G H Washington