July 23

Miss Mary Sedgwick, Albany
Miss Mattie M. Laughlin, Albany
Ellen Sedgwich Albany
Mrs W. L. Geary
[this is old Germanic; possibly: Ma?gaa?hr]
Buzz Geary
John Geary
Ernst Geary
Willie Geary
Roy G. Case 367
Mr A. M. Hoskins
Lillian Smith
Mrs. Southerland
Halcyon David
Ollie Hobson
Loyd Read
Mary Southerland
Mrs. Blair 375

July 24

C. Dixon
H. A. Reeder
Mollie Stakely
Chas. Brown
Ivy Rhoades
Maud Williams
J. J. Turnidge
C. R. Williams 383
Dr. Snook and wife Portland
Emma Spiller Portland
Laura E. Welker, Corvallis Or.
Mabel Cressy 388
Maggie Sawyer Salem Or
Ella Arbogast
W H Con[ner?] Albany Or
[L or S A Hel???] Corvallis Or 392

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